What We Believe...

We all have SO much on our plates

It's true!  It is so hard to take care of yourself when you are busy taking care of others.  That is why we offer options of coming to your home or workplace, coming to our clinic location and telehealth.  Save travel time, save on babysitters and save your sanity by selecting a house call OR escape home by scheduling a clinic visit.

Our mission is to help our clients THRIVE

Thriving in womanhood and motherhood starts with physical health.  We believe in finding and fixing the underlying 'why' you are having pain or incontinence through a head-to-toe and mind, body, spirit approach.  We believe in hands-on care. We empower our patients with the tools and understanding to resolve symptoms and prevent them from returning. 

You deserve lasting relief

Many of our patients suffer with pain or leaking for years before they find us and have seen multiple doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists prior to finding us.  Experience matters!  Our extensive training in orthopedics, women's and pelvic health solves so many of the common but NOT normal issues women face.