So, HOW will telehealth physical therapy help my leaking?

Pelvic health physical therapy is the first line of treatment for stress urinary incontinence. I have been a women's and pelvic health physical therapist since 2007 and get frustrated when I hear how our society normalizes peeing on yourself after having a baby (actually, for women regardless of whether they have delivered a baby). It can be solved with pelvic health physical therapy, which is about 70% effective and a tiny fraction of the cost compared to surgery. Many women are "sold" on seeing me in the clinic, but are unsure about how telehealth physical therapy may help them. Telehealth has a few distinct advantages. The advantages are:

- convenience... no travel time!

- safety! We have stay at home orders here in Virginia

- use of your "stuff" at home-- balls for self massage, exercise equipment

- I can teach your household members to do a specific massage or stretch technique with you

- I can help you with specific problems I can SEE in your home. I can see you sit in your favorite chair or put your baby in the crib

- You sharpen your body awareness skills with my guidance! I use a lot of cuing and words and you get to "feel" your body in a new way-- this is a life skill

- You get to keep your clothes on! This is a big advantage to some women!

- Cost-- depending on your insurance situation, this could be the most affordable option for pelvic health physical therapy

- Access-- you get to access a "level 3" trained and board certified women's health specialist regardless of where you live in Virginia

This is such a challenging time right now. As a mom of 3 kids-- I get how this time is overwhelming. But, as a mom, I also know that I have to "put my mask on first" and take care of myself, or everything unravels. I have been working hard on my postpartum rehab and I can help you do that, too!

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