What a YEAR this WEEK has been!

It is hard to believe it has only been a week's time.  So much has changed in our world, our nation, our city and in my life.  I launched "Pain Free Postpartum" in-home and virtual physical therapy a little over a month ago to help postpartum moms remove barriers to helping them with pain and leaking.  It was intentionally niched-- partly to not compete with my own job at VCU Health, where I have been a physical therapist on an hourly basis since 2012.  So much has changed since then! The world entered a pandemic and I, along with so many other of my "hourly" PT friends and other Americans, lost my job at VCU Health until the crisis is over.   This made me realize I need to niche out my little baby business big time.  So, I changed the name to RVA Holistic PT.  "Helping people heal their bodies, so they can thrive physically, mentally and emotionally".  I hope to help patients with their neck, back, knee, hip pain, post-mastectomy breast and shoulder pain, pregnancy as well as pelvic health issues for men, women and kids.  For now, I am only offering virtual 30 and 60-minute sessions-- physical therapy and yoga/ wellness. While we are all in this crisis, one thing that cannot wait is pain.  I hope I can help people if they are struggling, so they can get outside and walk, run and move.  When I am struggling with emotion, the thing that helps me is motion, and that is what I hope I can help people with.  I am working on some free resources for people and putting them on YouTube-- I have one for pregnancy hips/core strength, postpartum "find your muscles," a yoga-based pelvic floor/ breath awareness and hip opening for pelvic pain and a yoga-based constipation series.  Reach out if you want me to post something to help you!  Right now the world is overwhelming, but I try to focus on today and what I can do to serve.  I am focusing on taking care of my 3 "coworkers" ages 1, 8 and 10, taking care of my patients and posting free resources for the community.  If you are worried about me, don't!  This project brings purpose and meaning to me.  If you are a patient who cannot afford virtual sessions, reach out.  I'd like to help you anyway.  If you are a health care worker on the front lines, thank you!  And if you are a friend, I love you and thank you for your support! Take care, stay healthy and reach out! -Kelley

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