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Are you a newer pelvic health physical therapist?  This program is for you!

Level UP your clinical skills with our mentorship program.  Work one-on-one with Dr. Kelley Ryan, Board-Certified Women's Health Physical Therapist with 14 years of clinical experience in orthopedics and women's health.  Choose between 1, 6- and 12- hour packages with online meetings and/ or in-person skill building.  Shadowing available with purchase of a 6- and 12- hour mentorship package. 

Kelley has taken advanced postgraduate coursework including levels 1-3 pelvic floor, bowel pathology and function, pudendal neuralgia, holistic care of the postpartum patient, pediatric pelvic floor, coccydynia, male pelvic pain, yoga, hypopressives and dozens of other courses in orthopedics, back pain, the sacroiliac joint and hip.  She has taught in the VCU women's health module since 2013 and mentored several newer pelvic health physical therapists while on the pelvic health team at VCU from 2012-2020.


Cost for this program ranges from $120-160/ hour.  If you are taking a new job as a pelvic health physical therapist, negotiate for your employer to include a formal mentorship program.    

"Kelley is an excellent mentor! She has helped me understand both the nitty gritty specifics of interventions while also providing the framework to be able to view a patient from head to toe and make connections throughout the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. She takes the time to prepare handouts and write down outlines for each mentor session that is clear and concise. As a new grad I have found her non-judgemental nature so comforting- as all of her patients do as well. I would absolutely recommend investing into furthering your individual professional development as well as gaining the tools to keep our care patient centered at all times. Kelley will truly help you achieve just that!" --E.S. (Mentee in the 12-hour mentorship program)

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