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Pediatric Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy:
incontinence, bedwetting, constipation and encopresis

Children do not wet their pants on purpose and need to see a specialist who treats the pelvic floor, specifically a pediatric pelvic health specialist.  We help children as young as 4 with incontinence, constipation, encopresis and bedwetting.  

Pediatric Pelvic Health Problems

•  Are your kids still having accidents at night
•  Are they peeing their pants at school?
•  Do they feel embarrassed?

•  Are they missing out on social activities?
•  Are they experiencing low back or tailbone pain?

Urinary incontinence could be normal for their age but there does come a time when children should be dry during both the day and night. A pediatric pelvic health specialist can determine why they're still having accidents and how to help.

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