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Pediatric Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

incontinence, bedwetting, constipation, encopresis

Find relief once and for all

Children do not wet their pants on purpose.  They need to see a specialist who treats the pelvic floor, specifically a pediatric pelvic health specialist.  We help children as young as 4 with incontinence, constipation, encopresis, and bedwetting.  

Pediatric Pelvic Health Problems

•  Are your kids still having accidents at night
•  Are they peeing their pants at school?
•  Do they feel embarrassed?

•  Are they missing out on social activities?
•  Are they experiencing low back or tailbone pain?

Urinary incontinence could be normal for their age but there does come a time when children should be dry during both the day and night. A pediatric pelvic health specialist can determine why they're still having accidents and how to help.

Dr. Kelley Ryan, PT, DPT, WCS, CYT-200, PCES providing manual therapy on a mother holding her child

Kind Words from Our Patients

"We were recommended to pelvic floor PT for my young daughter who had been having constipation issues since potty training.  At our first meeting with Kate, she listened to my concerns and things we had tried so far.  She had great recommendations for things to try and was very patient with my nervous daughter as she walked us through things we could do at home. Our problems were quickly resolved with our new tools."

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