All of our sessions are one-on-one with a highly trained and experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy with 17 and 14 years of experience.  We see our patients typically once weekly to once monthly; our experience helps you get better, more quickly, with fewer appointments. 

We are an out-of-network provider.  We bill on behalf of many of our patients with out-of-network benefits.  Cost for a 90-minute appointment is $200 and a 60-minute appointment is $140-160.  Telehealth is $140 for 1-hour and $70 for 30 minute sessions.  You can use FSA or HSA accounts to pay for our physical therapy services.  In an effort to serve postpartum birthing people and mothers, house calls are no additional charge!  Not only that, but patients can access our patient vault for free (postpartum return to running program; yoga and hypopressives coming soon).

Approximately half of our patients have great in-network benefits, but choose us because of our reputation for solving tough to treat problems and getting patients better, faster.  Time is money!  Or they have tried in-network physical therapists without success.  The other large portion of our clients have a high deductible making them "pay cash" regardless of where they choose for physical therapy.  But, with us, our costs are honest and transparent.  No surprise bills in 6 months!  Another portion of our patients have out-of-network benefits and their services cost as little as $0/ session and we bill on their behalf. 

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