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Our Online School

Yoga, Postpartum Core Recovery

Head on over to our school on teachable for Yoga for [m]others, our postpartum core recovery course and more!

Pregnant belly

Preconception Hormone Reset

Preparing for Pregnancy: A functional nutrition course

6 online training workshops complete with handouts.  Use specific detoxification, digestive health and nourishment strategies to prepare your body for pregnancy.  Make it easier to get pregnant, and reduce your baby's long term risk of chronic health conditions like asthma, ADHD and allergies.

Mother Holding Baby's Hand

Postpartum and Perimenopause Hormone Balance

A functional nutrition course

4 online training workshops complete with handouts.  Torch the belly fat, restore your libido and come out of the brain fog.  Learn how what you're eating (and how well it's absorbed!), how you're sleeping, how you're moving, and your response to stress all contribute to hormonal health.

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