Cesarean Scar Pain and Massage

With over 1.3 million C-sections performed annually and 7-18% of women having cesarean scar pain after 1 year of their surgery, this is more common that people realize. A study by Wasserman showed that soft tissue mobilization (similar to massage) helped chronic discomfort including premenstrual pain, pain upon pressure to the lower abdomen and pain during bowel movements. With 4 30-minute treatment sessions over 2 weeks, they had improved pain and 0/10 premenstrual pain. (Wasserman) Another study found similar results with 4 sessions lasting 30-minutes-- improved scar pain and abdominal pressure sensitivity (Ryan).

Moms who have had a cesarean scar should start mobilizing their scar once it has fully healed, usually around 6-weeks after surgery. There are 7 layers between the skin and the uterus scar and mobilizing the scar an help those layers slide and glide as they are supposed to. If you are struggling with cesarean scar pain, reach out for an appointment locally in Richmond, Virginia or via telehealth in the state of Virginia-- specially trained pelvic health physical therapists are trained to help with cesarean scar pain and adhesions.



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