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Carly Moenich, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Carly Moenich, LMT, is a long time Richmond resident who recently made the leap from Hair Stylist to Massage Therapist.

Her dream of becoming a Massage Therapist became a reality in 2023 when she attended school at Lotus Professional College. She also recently became a mother which inspired her to pursue prenatal and postnatal work as a specialty. Carlys favorite aspect of massage therapy is the ability to promote healing, mentally and physically, through touch and bodywork. She learned first hand while being pregnant what an integral role massage plays in overall health. She is also very passionate about continuing education and recently became a Certified Instructor of Infant Massage.

Carly wants to provide a space for folks to feel safe and comfortable while caring for their bodies and taking time for self care and to feel their best. She has spent much of her career as a hair stylist working to provide a safe space for LGBTQIA+ folks to feel safe and included and will provide the same space as a massage therapist.

When she’s not practicing bodywork she is spending time with her baby, Wren, her partner, Harrison, and their pets. She loves yoga, traveling, coffee and vegan food!

Carly Moenich, LMT
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