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RVA Holistic PT

Physical Therapy & Massage Therapy in Richmond, Virginia

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About Us

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RVA Holistic PT


We are a specialized clinic offering physical therapy, massage therapy, dry needling, and pilates-based rehab.  We focus on providing holistic orthopedic, prenatal/postnatal, and pelvic floor physical therapy for men, women, and children in Richmond, Virginia at our 2 locations in the Fan District & and West End. We would love to help you get back to the life you love and deserve!

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Happy Patients

Hear from Our

 I knew right from the start I was   in the right place.  I felt seen   and validated. I’m excited to get  started on this journey to feeling better!



Dr. Kate is excellent. Her ability to really listen and  her intentionality in finding   the root cause is beyond! 



 I love the vibe of the place! 

Couldn’t be happier!! It took me a long time to build up the courage to make my first appointment.  My very first call was so pleasant, welcoming, and informative.  We are treating my whole body, I’ve already had pain relief after 4 visits.  From stretching to taping to adjustments to laser therapy.  They do it all.  Thank you!

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